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Welcome to KiWholistics

A Wholistic Approach to 




Here at KiWholistics we provide a safe healing space for you to fully access the internal healing, restructuring, balancing and optimizing faculties of the nervous system that assist you with becoming the most optimal human possible.


We can assist those who are in physical or emotional pain, experiencing chronic disease, scoliosis or simply wanting to be more flexible, feel more inspired, uplifted and free of trauma.

We do this by utilizing ancient and futuristic modalities, techniques and technology and applying it to your mind and body.


Potential Benefits

~ Activation and optimization of the entire nervous system, specifically the

 Vagus Nerve


~ Complete structural alignment and balance (muscles, nerves, fascia & bones)


~ Elimination of physical and emotional pain


~ Increases and optimizes physical strength


~ Balances Adrenal Fatigue


~ Elimination of Sciatica Pain


~ Optimizes mind/body/spirit connection


~ Elimination of numbness and paralysis in the body

~ Nourish and detox your entire body


~ Alignment of Scoliosis 


~ Elimination of TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder)


~ Drains neural chemistry (trauma/memory) from the nervous system, deep tissues and the knots of the body


~ Feel more motivated, uplifted, connected and inspired in your life

~ Allows space for the spine to heal itself (bulging discs, misaligned discs, degenerative discs, pinched spinal cord)​

~ Increase and activate creativity

~ Promotes sustained feelings of wellbeing and balance


~ Releases trapped emotions from the mind/body complex


~ Releases and restructures adhesions


~ Assists with weight loss

~ Increases intellectual and emotional IQ 

~ Increases cognitive function and neural plasticity


~ Palpates the ligaments and joints


~ Flushes the lymphatic system


~ Gain length in arms, legs and spine


~ Stimulates the glandular system


~ Awakens cardiovascular system


~ Optimizes respiratory system


~Flushes and enhances the meridian system

~ Activates and Optimizes the innate electric healing faculties that are within the nervous system

~ Assists with detox from substance abuse and withdrawn symptoms


~ Restructures and optimizes the entire physiology on a cellular level


~ Activates deep states of transcendental consciousness


~Physical, Mental, Emotional optimization and upgrades