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About Kevin Isaac


I wish you well!

My name is Kevin Isaac.

I am the creator and main facilitator of 

Human Optimization Technique 


Colon Optimization Technique


Kid Optimization Technique


Dog Optimization Technique



CEO of 


I have treated well over 3,200 bodies with H.O.T since the beginning of 2016.

I have trained with professionals for the last 10 years in many fields such as:



~Energy Healing

~Nutriton Therapy

~Detox Therapy

~Massage Therapy

~Active Release Therapy

~Neuro Muscular Release 

~Vibrational Healing

~Music Therapy


~Ice Therapy

~Yoga Therapy

~Fitness Therapy

~Neuro Linguistic Programing

I am dedicated, passionate and honored to assist with the creation of world that is kind, unconditional loving, humble and passionate.

A world that is trauma informed.

A world that is able to witness the darkness and the light that is within us without judgment, without shame and able to be present with whatever occurs in the moment.

I am here on this planet to be a space holder, a facilitator one who is here to support humanity with gaining access to the unlimited potential that is within our nervous systems and when we do, we will live in a world of artists.

My journey started in high school when I was 18.

I was a high performance athlete and wanting to optimize myself to better my performance.

I started on this path of self discovery.

I started with mindset then nutrition then organically the spiritual aspect started.

I haven't stepped foot off the path once and here I am 11 years later assisting individuals with becoming the most optimized humans possible.

I am not a healer, I can not heal you.

You can only heal yourself.

The faculty that is responsible for all healing is the electric intelligence of your nervous system.

I am here to assist you with activating and optimizing the electric intelligent faculty that is inside of your nervous system.

Welcome to my world!

Blessed Love!