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Every treatment utilizes all of the following technology.


Vibe 3.2

The Bioharmonic Technologies Vibe 3.2 generates a soothing three-dimensional motion delivered to your body through the use of special audio transducers and headphones. This method of technology delivers non-invasive massage-like mechanical stimulation which relaxes the body and soothes the mind. This technology allows your body to find a relaxed state of being through a natural, non-invasive form of sound therapy using advanced music theory, mathematical ratios, and physiological frequencies. Many of us are looking for a safe way to relax, to escape and balance out our day.


SUBPAC is a patented tactile audio platform that combines hardware, software and advanced materials to deliver deeply immersive and nuanced bass with far more resolution and range than traditional speakers and headphones.

3 Layers of Immersion:


Receptors on skin register vibrations on surface.


Receptors in muscle detect subtle change in force and pressure.


Vibrations pulse through bones to the inner ear and are sensed as hearing.

Therapeutic Vibration Plate

VT003F vibration machine is a HIGH FREQUENCY model that generates 3D linear vibration with frequency ranged from 15Hz to 40Hz. Most other vibration machines in the market are pivotal oscillation (swing) type, which usually run on vibration frequency below 15Hz.

High frequency vibration drives energy deep into body tissues, maximizing the benefits on circulation improvement, lymphatic drainaige and soft tissue activation. This high frequency vibration pattern is particularly effective on muscle stiffness relief, and muscle and tendon strength enhancement. High frequency vibration also induces bone formation.



Helps relieve muscle soreness and stiffness with 4 interchangeable head attachments.

Percussion and Resonance based technology.

3 speed settings that deliver 30, 40 & 50 hz.

Promotes circulation and Improves range of motion and helps accelerate warmup and recovery.

Acupuncture Electro Stimulator

~ Increased Immune Function & Resistance to Disease.

~ Reduction or elimination of Pain.

~ Inflammation Reduction & Promotion of Feelings of Well Being.

 ~ Improved Circulation & Smooth Muscle Relaxation.

~ Hasten Motor Recovery from Paralysis.

~ Regulation of Body’s Homeostasis to Disease or Abnormal Conditions.

~ Stimulation of cells of tissue growth & repair.

~ Central nervous system, spinal & peripheral nerve optimization.

~ Works without piercing the skin to do acupuncture. Totally safe, effective and easy to use.


The Orgone Rejuvenation Blanket

The Orgone Rejuvenation Blanket is permanently infused with a healthy negative charge resonance imprint that may help to balance organ energy levels and meridians, and may assist to alleviate fatigue, pain and discomfort.

Orgone Effects® unique Infusion technology (patent pending) allows us to create an energy blanket that is very lightweight and flexible, without the energy accumulation problems associated with traditional laminated Orgone blankets.

The Orgone Rejuvenation Blankets have been designed to energize and rejuvenate a person’s personal energy levels by being in contact with the body. 

The Orgone Banket can be used locally over an injury or organ, or wrapped around the body.

The Orgone blanket will also act as an EMR harmonizer designed to help prevent resonant stress from different types of harmful EMR fields and other noxious energies which may exist within a space.

The Orgone Rejuvenation Blankets are made from 100% Bamboo fibre, is satin edged, and offers a soft, luxurious quality like no other energy blanket.

Ionic Sleep System Sheets

Ionic Sleep System™ is infused with CuTEC® Copper Ion Technology.

The Ionic Sleep System ™ is the first to provide the benefits of Copper Ion Technology in all components of sleep- from your mattress to your sheets and pillows. CuTEC® Technology creates a cool, comfortable sleeping environment which promotes an optimum healthy sleep. Copper ions are woven directly into the cotton fabric to create a luxurious, breathable, and temperature regulating sleep with antimicrobial properties. Copper has long been knows for its circulatory, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.